Monday, March 21, 2011

So fired sorry no pics.

  • So i'm soo fired. the latestest news since we went to the circus. wow where do i start? ummm....
  1. Jared has had his first set of stitches. 8 total to be exact, he's ok, and did great while recieving them.
  2. Jared is 2 years old now. we didn't do a big bash for him. it was small and alot of family and a few friends.
  3. Jared has been talking more than a parrot. he is a talking fool now.
  4. Our first computer we bought as a married couple died 3 months before it turned 5 (meaning we've celebrated our 5th anniversary.) So We got to build our own computer. right after helping my brother-in-law build a computer for himself.
  5. I've been busy with alot of facebook, I'm a sinner I know. I also turned the ripe old age of 28 today.

well I'm sure there is a lot more than just that. Jared is a outside, animal lovin', water splashing, can't decide if he's fussy or happy at times, want all the attention true BOY. Well nighty-night and take care. I'm really gonna try to do my blog more often. I'm just really struggling. lol.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Update & fired

Ok. before you get scared. neither mark nor I lost any job, except for me and staying updated on posting on my blog.

I'm going to start a pettion to officially make toddler chasing a sport. (if you would like me to REALLY start on, please comment and I'll let you be one of the first to sign it.)
So the past couple months have been crazy.
First we went to the circus and saw lots of stuff. ...
We saw Elephants,
& got to 'ride' (just sit on) some motorcycles.
Jared's new favorite game, (no toys needed). he puts an adult in the chair, and than spins us (the adult and himself) in circles.
Oh, did i mention he loves Ice Cream.
He has been getting very Big & STONG,
& very helpful,
Not to mention, he's picking up loving to read.
He's sitting at the table like a big boy.
Oh, did I mention we got a new pet?? (this is at an indoor fun park).

And after all that who needs sleep???

Thursday, May 13, 2010

photo of the week #2

ok, only two trees at this point.

The Apple Tree.
The Peach Tree.

Both trees in our back yard.
We're adding green to the backyard as well as adding equity. aren't we good. lol.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo of the Week...Begins. #1

So i'm gonna try starting this new thing. Where I do a photo of the Week thus inspiring me to update once a week. lol.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So I'm now the Months of the Weeks.

Sorry i've been Chasing Jared around the house and trying to keep up with him is like trying to keep up with a 12 ring circus, or a 3-headed cat in a creamary.

So my favorite part of this video is after I take the bottle away at the 2 minute mark. mind you was are in the church parking lot. no cars, I would never let him free near a road let alone out the front door.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jared's First Birthday

Friends and Family that attended Jared's bash.

The super train ride. Jared would love to jump outta the train if we weren't holding on to him.

Grandma and Grandpa Kartchner love the Baby Jared.
Many have asked when i'm gonna stop calling him baby Jared, my rebutle is "When he has a younger sibling. I'm not anouncing anything, I'm just saying, he will be Big Brother Jared. We aren't done, but when the anouncement happens i'll let you know, or at least put out a quiz/hint."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phone+Toilet+1 year old

= BAD for phone, good for me, I get a new phone now.
So that looks about right. naturally I didn't take the time to take a photo before pulling it out.
So Jared, thebig one Year old grabs my phone, walks into the bathroom after me. So i'm preventing him from throwin it into the tub, which has a wet wash cloth in it still. In the save from the tub, it then ended up in the toilet. go figure.

So I get a new phone. mabe I should get the military phone, that is waterproof and Shock resistant. lol. the mayham begins, and this is why children are so expensive, it's cause of all the things you have to replace after they get done with it. lol!! But I still love him.