Monday, March 21, 2011

So fired sorry no pics.

  • So i'm soo fired. the latestest news since we went to the circus. wow where do i start? ummm....
  1. Jared has had his first set of stitches. 8 total to be exact, he's ok, and did great while recieving them.
  2. Jared is 2 years old now. we didn't do a big bash for him. it was small and alot of family and a few friends.
  3. Jared has been talking more than a parrot. he is a talking fool now.
  4. Our first computer we bought as a married couple died 3 months before it turned 5 (meaning we've celebrated our 5th anniversary.) So We got to build our own computer. right after helping my brother-in-law build a computer for himself.
  5. I've been busy with alot of facebook, I'm a sinner I know. I also turned the ripe old age of 28 today.

well I'm sure there is a lot more than just that. Jared is a outside, animal lovin', water splashing, can't decide if he's fussy or happy at times, want all the attention true BOY. Well nighty-night and take care. I'm really gonna try to do my blog more often. I'm just really struggling. lol.


moriah said...

your back!!! love it! hope to see more posts & happy birthday to both you & jared

Cody said...

I'm glad to see a fresh post. Happiest birthday wishes to you! I've been a facebook sinner too.... see you there!